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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why should I buy from iZoom Graphics?

A. The most important reason is that we will make you the highest quality, best looking graphics you can buy for your money. While there are local sign shops that tell you they can make you numbers or any number of do-it-yourself techniques, iZoom Graphics uses the highest quality performance vinyls, high pole-count magnetic sheeting, durable heavy mil reusable vinyls and state-of-the-art production equipment to produce your graphics perfectly. We are also motorsports enthusiasts ourselves and know our customer's needs. We have developed our graphics solutions in real world testing and know that selection, durability, convenience and great looks can be achieved at an affordable price.

Q. What is the best graphics material to use for my car?

A. That depends on your cars construction. If your car has traditional steel body panels, then Magnetics are the best way to go as they are easy to apply and last many years. If your cars body is aluminum, fiberglass or other composite, then Reusable Vinyl graphics will serve you best. If you own a dedicated Competition Car then we recommend Permanent Vinyl Graphics for a clean, trouble-free solution.
Q. How long will my graphics last?

A. The average lifespan can vary with material and the frequency of use. We manufacture your graphics with the highest quality materials and techniques to last many years. There are also some simple things that you can do to extend the life of your graphics. For instance, magnetics should be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution, dried and stored flat until their next use. Removable Vinyl Graphics should always be removed from the car under the cleanest possible conditions to prevent contaminating the adhesive side of the graphics.

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